Dr.K Slimming Tea

Dr. K Slimming Tea is a detox and weight management tea, a blend of 100% natural herbs. As a detoxifying agent, it helps the body on every level such as weight, energy, sleep, emotional state and sexual health, because it gets rid of toxins accumulated throughout the day. This detox and weight management tea increases metabolic activity, which results in the elimination of storage of excess calories and toxins. Delicious to drink hot and cold.


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Gluten Free
Sustainably Sourced
Clinically Proven

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Image #1 from Ruby
Image #2 from Clara
Image #1 from Ruby


Hello! This is my last day of Dr.K slimming tea and I must say I'm impressed. I feel a lot better and lighter. I drink it before breakfast and by the end of the day I don't feel bloated and my body doesn't feel heavy. Plus , the taste is actually pretty nice. Ordering the second month.😍

Image #2 from Clara


I bought only one package of Dr.k slimming tea because to be honest I don’t believe in slimming teas in general. I just finished it and i lost 3.5kg for only 24 days. I am just amazed.

Image #1 from Ruby
Image #2 from Clara
  1. Sibora Çela

    Thjesht e dashuroj ndjesine e qetesise qe ky Caj i krijon organizmit. Renia ne peshe vjen ne menyren me natyrale dhe pa patur asnje efekt anesor ne organizem. Per nje muaj kam rene 4kg dhe jam shum e lumtur me kete produkt.

  2. Parashqevi

    Pershendetje ,caj i mrekullueshem humba 6 kg per nje periudh 3 javore ,provojeni dhe keni per te ngelur te kenaqur

  3. Klea

    Omg i can not believe it that this actually worked. I am so glad i tried it.

  4. Ina

    I lost exactly 7.3 pounds in only one package . I am so happy i already ordered my second one.

  5. Erjona

    This is the best to losing weight and to feel good and love your body

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