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Daily Superhair is a 100% natural hair growth supplement, formulated for all hair types. It targets hair loss and nourishes it from the core by replenishing nutritional deficiencies. Daily Superhair also helps to balance hormones with adaptogens and detoxifies the body from toxins that cause further hair loss or thinning. The rich propolis blend formula helps maintain healthier, softer and fuller hair from the inside out. Our hair growth supplement optimizes hair regrowth and aids in stronger hair. This supplement works best for a minimum of 12 weeks but for better results, we recommend taking it up to 6 months.


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Hair health
All Hair Types
Hormonal Balance


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  1. Ela

    Haare glänzen und wachsen schneller, als vorher.

  2. zyba

    kam vetem 1 muaj qe e perdor dailysuperhair dhe realisht kam mbet super e kenaqur me ndryshimin qe floket e mi kan pesuar brenda nje periudhe kaq te shkurter ..jua rekomandoj te gjithe personave qe kan pas probleme ne renie si edhe vajzave qe deshirojne floke me gjate , realisht eshte nje super produkt

  3. Z. Hoxha

    Pershendetje goca. Une ka nje muaj qe perdor Daily Superhair dhe jam shum po shum e kenaqur. Kam provuar shum produkte por kjo me te vertet me ka dhen rezultati shum te mira ne renien e flokeve. Floket gjithashtu duken shum me te shendetshme se me pare. Jua sygjeroj te gjitha vajzave qe kane problem me renien e flokeve. Ja vlen ta provoni

  4. Elvira

    After bleaching my hair had a lot of problems that followed up with my hair,one of them not being able to grow it longer.
    Just one month of using daily super hair,i see that my hair is stronger,healthier and it grew 5-6cm.
    One of the best.

  5. Katerina

    After only one month of using Daily Superhair capsules, I see that my hair is stronger than before 😍

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