Onovo traces its roots to 1983, when Dr. Petro Bardhi and Dr. Teuta Bardhi, proprietors of a family pharmacy, began a quest to enhance their grasp of healthcare. Decades down the line, their daughter, Kostandina Bardhi, sparked the creation of Onovo. Please for more information read our story at About Us.
All Onovo products are manufactured in USA in a cGMP/FDA-certified facility.
We take ingredient sourcing seriously in order to offer high-quality products. To ensure product effectiveness we make sure that all raw ingredients used in our products undergo a testing process. To ensure it meets our quality standards, we test for bio-identity, purity, potency, pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, and much more.
Unfortunately, we are not health care practitioners or providers, so we legally cannot provide you with medical advice. We recommend reaching out to your local herbalist, healthcare practitioner, or acupuncturist if you are concerned about taking Onovo products in conjunction with a pre-existing medical condition.
Yes, we do have vegan products. For example, Deep Cleanse, Axonol, Somax are vegan products.
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All products of Onovo doesn’t have any side effects.