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Find the best recipe for brightening your skin


Open the fridge and let the magic of smoothies transform your skin. 

Your skin doesn’t have that glow you have always wanted? Even though you spend tons of money on skincare products, facials, even silk pillows. Dermatologists say that food you put into your body has a higher effect than products you lay on the skin. Food is just as vital as moisturizers or toners. Food has the superpower to change the skin from within. 

So, here is our shake-up recipe for brightening your skin by only consuming fresh ingredients. 

Super-Green Smoothie

If you are more interested in brightening your skin by hydrating it, cucumber is a great idea. Make sure to combine cucumber with kale and chia seeds. This smoothie is packed with enzyme-rich water and antioxidants, which keep your skin smooth and helps stave off wrinkles. Due to the health benefits of the three ingredients, this smoothie is a cocktail of Vitamin C, A, E, which are also responsible for new cell growth. 

Purple Smoothie

The king ingredient in this smoothie is Cabbage. Blend 1 small cabbage with greek yogurt, honey, chia seeds and supercharge your body with collagen, vitamin C, and antioxidants. They fight skin-damaging free radicals and are high in fibers necessary for digestive, and gut health. They’ll aid the systems that are removing waste and unwanted toxins that affect the skin. 

Red Smoothie

The Red Smoothie can be prepared with strawberries and kale. It is rich in folate, the B vitamin known to stimulate cell repair, which keeps you looking healthy and young. This cocktail is also full of anti-aging powers of green kale and fiber-rich strawberries. This juice is so important in skin-sensitive, red-inflamed skin.

White Smoothie 

This smoothie has a superstar: Kefir. A probiotic which is helpful to strain bacteria and yeast also has plenty of calcium, protein, and vitamin D. Probiotics do wonders for your skin and all-around health. Combine it with lemon and cucumber. White smoothie is a serious radiance-boosting tonic. Vitamin C-rich lemons provide a punch of antioxidants and keep collagen production pumping, while hydrating cucumbers have majorly soothing anti-inflammatory properties.

Light-green smoothie

What is a smoothie without spinach? The leafy green is full of healthy skin vitamins—including vitamin C, which is needed to produce collagen and keep your skin looking smooth and radiant. 

Combine spinach with tofu, which makes the smoothie extra creamy and thick, and adds loads of protein to it. This smoothie is your skin’s best friend because it promotes elasticity and blocks damaging enzymes. 

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