How Do Minerals Benefit Your Skin?

Minerals are some of the most important nutrients responsible for the health of our skin.Deep Cleanse consists of plenty of minerals such as Zinc, Sulfur (MSM), Selenium,Copper and Manganese.

Zinc it is necessary for collagen production; when collagen production slows, we run into aging skin, wrinkles and overall weak, thin skin tissue. Zinc is also important for wound healing, which isn’t just important for times when your skin is damaged, but also for the overall regeneration and renewal of cellular repair. Zinc also acts as an anti-inflammatory in the body, which means it will help prevent many inflammatory skin problems as acne.Sulfur (MSM) contributes to the production of skin elasticity, collagen and acts as potent detoxifying agent. Manganese is essential for building up the blood and oxygenating our bodies, two very important factors for healthy skin. Without healthy levels of oxygen in the blood, our skin would be dull and lifeless. Manganese also supports the production of
collagen. It does so by activating enzymes that help produce proline, the amino acid that gives collagen fibers their form, richness, and elasticity. Selenium a potent mineral and antioxidant is perhaps one of the most important minerals for healthy hormone production. Also, the immune system needs selenium to function well. In fact, it is needed for the
production of white blood cells, that fight off infections, including any potential infectious bacteria that could be on the surface of the skin’s microbiome.

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